Spend the Summer Before Law School Doing These 4 Things
If you've decided to attend law school - and been through the process of studying and taking the LSAT, applying to and being accepted by a school - no one has to tell you that you're well on your way. But you may be wondering what kinds of things you should be doing in preparation for new years of your life that will most likely be filled with challenges and tribulations. To help you through the remainder of the summer before you begin this journey, here is a list of can't-miss activities to accomplish.
Talk to someone who has been there
If you know someone who has completed their first year of law school, you may want to talk to them in preparation for your schooling. Find out what they wish they had known, ask them about professors - whatever it takes to make you feel more comfortable as you approach the fall.
Get organized
You may hear former law school students say they wish they'd known how necessary it was to be organized. Organization is one of the most important contributors to success in law school - and one of the worst skills to go by the wayside when your academic life gets tough.
Prior to the start of law school, try helping yourself out by setting up some organizational tools. You could buy a planner, grow comfortable with relevant software, or setup a home filing system for your work.
Upgrade technology
As a law student, you may need updated technology. Make sure you have a functional computer (and possibly a tablet) that has a variety of programs you may need. Try looking at your program's description online, or talking to someone at the school bookstore, to determine what would be best to purchase.
Attend orientation
Law school orientation typically happens sometime in the few weeks preceding the beginning of the academic year, and it may be worth going to. (It also may be mandatory, so read the details how  get help me write an essay carefully.) Orientation can provide you with useful information that will help you prepare for your academic year. Ask if first-year law students have a designated study area or if there are book swap programs in place. Meet other students. Form study groups. Ease your mind.
Finally, remember that you've been accepted into law school because they know you have great potential for success. Spend this time preparing for one of the most exciting times in your life!

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